Foria Awaken — intimate massage oil

What is Awaken?

Awaken is an all-natural sensual-enhancement oil.

For some women, Awaken may increase arousal, promote natural lubrication, and heighten sensation, making orgasms fuller, more intense, or easier to access. For others, Awaken may help reduce physical tension and discomfort, creating the relaxation necessary for sensual experience or restorative rest. 

What ingredients are in Awaken?

Organic MCT Coconut Oil; Organic Whole Plant Extracts - Kava, Cinnamon and Ginger; Organic Cardamom; Organic Peppermint; Wildcrafted Cocoa Absolute; Vanilla Absolute

How does Awaken work?

Awaken works with your body’s natural systems to promote relaxation and increase blood flow for a potent “therapeutic aphrodisiac” effect. The secret? Awaken’s synergistic blend of eight all natural aphrodisiacs including kava, vanilla and cocoa.

Can anyone purchase Awaken?

Yes! Awaken can be purchased on our website and delivered throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Are there any guarantees that Awaken will work for me?

Although we have received great reviews and positive feedback from many satisfied customers, we cannot guarantee that the product will have the same effects for everyone. Since everyone’s body is different, results can vary from person to person. 

Are there any independent reviews of Awaken?

You can watch video and read about the experiences of media reviewers and customers here (pleasure) and here (pain) .

How does Foria Awaken compare to Foria Pleasure?

Both are all-natural intimate massage oils designed to enhance your sensual experience by stimulating blood flow and lubrication. The base for both products is 100% Organic MCT coconut oil, which adds naturally moisturizing lubrication to your touch. (This does mean that Awaken and Pleasure are not safe for use with latex-based condoms or toys.)

Foria Awaken is infused with Kava Kava and other aromatic botanical essences & oils. All 8 ingredients have a long history of use as aphrodisiacs. Awaken's minty, chocolate & vanilla aroma adds a delightful element to foreplay, oral pleasure, and self-pleasure, and the stimulating herbs & botanicals enhance sensation & relaxation. Awaken's effects can be noticed upon application and increase with massage and oral stimulation over the next 30-60 minutes.

Foria Pleasure is only available through regulated shops in California, Colorado, and Canada. Pleasure has a more neutral, grassy coconut aroma, and the effects can take up to 15 minutes to set in.


How do I apply Awaken and how much do I use?

Apply 4-8 sprays directly onto the clitoris, inner and outer labia, and inside the vagina. Internal application provides the highest absorption.  As everyone's body is unique, we encourage you to experiment to find what strength is just right for your body. Apply a few sprays and massage to immediately start activating your body’s natural relaxation and sensual response.

What can I expect when I apply Awaken?

Consumer experiences include: enhanced sensation, deeper orgasm, increased desire, improved lubrication, heightened awareness and full body relaxation.

Can I use Awaken with a lubricant?

Yes. If you use a personal lubricant for comfort during sex, apply Foria Awaken first. Wait at least five minutes for it to absorb in, then apply your personal lubricant. It is important to apply Awaken first to experience the full effects.

Can I use Awaken with a condom?

Because Foria Awaken is a coconut oil based product and oils can degrade latex, we recommend that you choose a non-latex condom (examples include polyisoprene, polyurethane or nitrile).   

Can I use Foria Awaken with sex toys?

Yes.  As discussed above, we recommend that you choose non-latex toys.  Examples include silicone, glass, elastomer and stainless steel.


How will Awaken affect my male partner?

Awaken was created for women and the uniquely sensitive/absorptive skin of the vulva and vagina in mind.  The skin of the penis is less absorbent so the primary effect on men will be moisturizing and lubricating. Awaken also smells and tastes wonderful. 

Is Awaken safe to consume orally?

Yes. Awaken is made out of food-grade ingredients and completely safe to ingest orally.  

Will Awaken help me with my vaginal dryness due to menopause?

Many women in menopause report relief from vaginal dryness when using Awaken or Pleasure. 

What is the pH of Awaken?

Awaken is formulated to be in the “mid-range” of average vaginal pHs.