We're committed to natural well-being & vibrant health. Our wellness formulas unite traditional herbs & botanicals to create natural enhancement products that are thoughtfully designed for both women & men.

Our Story

We've long been fascinated with the close relationship of humanity and medicinal plants, but our passion really grew during the research & development for Foria Pleasure.

Pleasure, our premier product, was inspired by humanity's ancient relationship with medicinal plants, and the long history of women using herbal salves for sensual pleasure and relief from discomfort.

We followed nature's design, and the response was sensational, with glowing reviews in:

Our patients experienced enhanced pleasure & sexual renewal — and many reported life-altering relief from severe pelvic discomfort (caused by a variety of different conditions).

This feedback inspired us to develop products like Foria Relief (the first-of-its-kind menstrual-relief suppository) and Foria Explore (a rectal suppository, formulated to enhance relaxation and ease).

While these formulas have proven to be remarkably effective, the availability of Foria products has been limited to California, Colorado, and Canada...until now.


Foria Awaken is an all-natural "pre-lube" that enhances foreplay, self-pleasure and sex, with a silky smooth texture and tantalizing aromas & flavors. This multi-aphrodisiac formula soothes tension, discomfort and dryness by stimulating natural vaginal lubrication while heightening tactile sensation & pleasure.

Awaken blends the most revered botanical of the South Pacific — kava kava root — with luscious cacao, tingly peppermint, warming ginger,, and other beneficial plants and herbs long-appreciated for their aphrodisiac qualities. The effects are delightfully similar to those of Foria Pleasure.

Like all of our formulas, Awaken's ingredients are all-natural & organic, and the final product is lab-tested to ensure purity from pesticides, microbes, solvents and other toxins.

Growing Together

Ever since our first group of California patients inspired us to develop Foria Relief, we’ve known the importance of listening to the community.

As Foria continues to evolve, our community remains a vital source of inspiration, and we welcome your feedback & encouragement.

If you've got a story or testimonial to share, a relevant health tip, or any questions at all, reach out! Given the intimate nature of Foria Awaken, we treat every inquiry with discretion & care.